Project No REST: Ending Human Trafficking in NC

Dear Friends,

When we work together, we can have collective impact. Friend to Friend is committed to continuously improving our trauma-informed services and response to victims of human trafficking. Last week, The North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission held an event with North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein as well as a video from Lt. Governor Dan Forest to celebrate North Carolina’s response to human trafficking and to discuss the problem of and solutions.  It was entitled “Project NO REST: Ending Human Trafficking in North Carolina.”   

Here is a link:

One of the Project NO REST broadcast campaign goal is to help connect survivors to services. Due to this aggressive broadcast campaign, there has been a significant increase in the number of calls to the National Human Trafficking hotline. That increase in calls to the hotline will likely result in North Carolina moving from 10th in the nation to possibly fifth or sixth in the nation. This forecasted increase may be a key indicator that there is now, a greater recognition of human trafficking, as well as the fact that survivors are being connected to services. Team work at it’s best!


Anne Friesen- Executive Director- June 6, 2017


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