"Human Trafficking: Flight Attendants Fight Back for Victims"

“Airline Ambassadors has also taken the fight to Congress to push for regular, required flight attendant training on all airlines in the United States.”

Flight attendants could be on the front lines in combating human trafficking. Airline Ambassadors, a nonprofit organization that helps orphans and vulnerable children worldwide, is pushing for all flight attendants to be well-versed and trained in recognizing and understanding human trafficking so that they can identify, report, and potentially save victim’s lives.

MSN Reports: 

“In-flight crews were taught to look for passengers who appear frightened, ashamed or nervous; people traveling with someone who doesn't appear to be a parent or relative; and children or adults who appear bruised or battered.

They're also taught to notice if someone insists on speaking for the alleged victim, doesn't let them out of their sight or becomes defensive when questioned. Victims sometimes appear drugged.”

We applaud the work that Airline Ambassadors are doing to spread awareness and education on the subject of human trafficking. We encourage everyone to be aware while traveling and keep an eye out for warning signs of modern day slavery. To learn more about Airline Ambassadors, visit their website http://airlineamb.org/.

In 2015, CNN Freedom’s Project reported on human trafficking in airports and 7 ways to spot that someone is being trafficked.


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