Changes needed in the justice system

Over the summer, Pennsylvania resident, Tierne Ewing, was kidnapped and brutally abused and tortured by her husband, Kevin Ewing. Once Tierne was finally able to escape, she relied on the justice system to save her life. Unfortunately, the justice system failed to protect her. After being released on a $100,000 bond, Kevin Ewing tracked down and killed Tieren before killing himself.

In the attached article, domestic violence homicide expert, Jacquelyn Campbell highlights the factors that strongly suggested that Kevin Ewing would indeed kill his wife if given another opportunity. The assistant district attorney assigned to the case could see the signs of potential danger and she requested for a higher bail, a request that was denied. 

Domestic Violence crimes are serious and should be treated as such. It can be life or death for the victims, and it is the responsibility of the justice system to make sure victims are protected from dangerous abusers. Changes need to be made to help protect victims from their abusers, especially if there is a history of violent physical abuse.

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