History & Growth

F2F List of Accomplishments 2007-2017



·      Friend to Friend served 332 new domestic violence and sexual assault clients.

·      F2F’s court advocates assisted with 228 restraining orders and accompanied clients to court 256 times. 

·      F2F sheltered 120 individuals.



·      Friend to Friend continued to work diligently for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, answering 2,052 crisis calls.

·      F2F sheltered 57 women and 56 children for a total of 2,189 days of care.



·      Anne Friesen was hired as Executive Director.

·      The F2F thrift shop in Carthage closed.

·      F2F opened new store, “The Butterfly Boutique,” in downtown Southern Pines.

·      F2F installed a raised-bed vegetable garden at Serenity House.

·      F2F introduced “healthy cooking” classes to shelter clients.

·      F2F offered parenting classes, job readiness, resume writing, and career counseling to shelter clients.

·      F2F began building strong collaborations with community service providers and resources to achieve collective impact on violence in Moore County.



·      Friend to Friend’s shelter suffered devastating fire, forcing the agency to rebuild.

·      During reconstruction, the F2F shelter moved twice to temporary sites, with never a lapse in serving shelter clients.

·      Executive Director was able to secure funding from NC Housing Finance Agency.

·      F2F began offering client outreach and support groups at both Carthage office and Butterfly Boutique thrift shop locations.


·      Executive Director successfully secured 100% of costs to rebuild new 34-bed, certified-green, 4-star energy efficient shelter.

·      New 34 bed, certified green, 4-star energy efficient shelter for women and children fleeing from abuse opened exactly one year to the day after the fire.

·      F2F was named “NC Model Shelter of the Year” by the NC Housing Finance Agency.

·      F2F hosted a state-wide training for law enforcement on creating a DV-  coordinated community response, using Duluth trainers.



·      Friend to Friend worked to improve community education programing and spoke to more than 3,000 Moore County residence and students, using evidence-        based programs.

·      F2F hosted its first annual fundraising event, Women Helping Women Luncheon, at CCNC.

·      F2F partnered with Moore County Women’s Amateur Golfers to hold first annual Moore County Women’s Amateur Golf Tournament.

·      F2F hosted state-wide training for domestic violence agencies.

·      Yoga, stress management, financial literacy, and self-sufficiency programs were offered to shelter clients.

·      Semi-annual on-line newsletters were launched.



·      Friend to Friend added human trafficking to the agency’s mission.

·      F2F increased collaborations and began to take leadership roles in community task forces.

·      F2F created homelessness website for Anson, Moore, Richmond, Hoke, and Montgomery Counties.

·      F2F hired first Spanish bi-lingual speaker to improve services to non-English speaking clients.

·      F2F improved sexual assault services and response working with other community organizations, such as local law enforcement, district attorney,                              department of social services, Moore Regional Hospital, and Moore County schools.

·      Dog and Horse Therapy began being offered at Serenity House.

·      F2F offered improved sexual assault accompaniment program, guaranteeing advocates for sexual assault victims receiving medical attention at First                        Health/Moore Regional Emergency Department.



·      Friend to Friend began collecting furniture donations to help furnish client’s houses after they depart from Serenity House shelter.

·      F2F built a pet shelter on Serenity House property to house shelter client’s fury friends.

·      F2F continued to improve and increase sexual assault response advocacy by recruiting more volunteers for sexual assault hospital  accompaniments.

·      F2F built exterior storage building on Serenity House site.

·      F2F began offering weekly prison support groups to female sexual assault survivor inmates.

·      F2F added a climbing wall and other improvements to Serenity House children’s playground.

·      New client computers and security were added to Serenity House.

·       F2F launched an Anti–Bullying/Reporting Texting Campaign in Moore County Schools



·      Executive Director provided leadership on a state-wide level by accepting board position with North Carolina Coalition Against                        

       Domestic Violence, to work toward improving domestic violence services and advocate on a state level.

·      F2F improved its human trafficking services and response.

·      F2F launched new website and app: www.friendtofriend.me.

·      F2F created a new toll free human trafficking crisis line: 1-888-GETOUT1.

·      F2F was selected as one of five pilot sites across North Carolina for “Project No REST,” a state-wide initiative to increase awareness and prevention of                      human trafficking.

·      F2F hired an MSW, LCSW as court advocate and began offering clinical counseling free-of-charge to clients.

·      F2F increased community education program, speaking to over 9,000 Moore County students and community members.

·      F2F held first “Rock ‘n’ Run: Raise Your Voice for Sexual Assault Awareness” at Sandhills Community College in April (Sexual Assault Awareness month).

·      F2F reviewed and improved all policies and procedures.

·      F2F volunteers donated 4,734 hours.



·      Friend to Friend created an Equity and Diversity Committee to improve the providing of equitable services to all individuals.

·      An equity stance was reflected in all F2F policies and procedures.

·      F2F emphasized the importance of self-care and the importance of recognizing signs of secondary trauma for staff.  Quarterly wellness days were                                 approved for full-time staff.

·      First Moore County Human Trafficking Task Force was established and began meeting.

·      F2F hosted Human Trafficking Awareness and Education to Moore County Clergy.

·      F2F began building strong collaborations and partnerships with Randolph, Montgomery, and Moore County law enforcement, district attorneys, schools, and        First Health, to improve district-wide response to human trafficking.


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